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David Bernard for Senate

My name is David Bernard and I am running to be the next state senator for the 10th District of Virginia, composed of part of Chesterfield County, part of Richmond City, and all of Powhatan County. (Here is a map of the 10th) I ran for this office in 2011. With few funds, but with hard work and great help, we won 43% of the vote, higher than any other Democratic State Senate candidate who was not already a state senator.

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We need a new direction if Virginia and our region are to achieve its potential. We cannot simply grow our way out of problems. The costs we bear of government and personal debt, of unemployment and foreign trade deficits, of fossil fuel dependence and the consequences of climate change, of encroachments on individual liberties, of corporate money influencing public policy need to be solved by focused and fair policies.

Incumbent Senator John Watkins has not always voted the wrong way. I respect him personally. But he is attached to a top-down approach to governance that prevents him from confronting today's challenges. Our 2011 campaign was strongly motivated by Sen. Watkins' insistence on opening Virginia to uranium mining. In 2013 a majority of General Assembly members showed they shared our opposition to this dangerous mining. Sen. Watkins then asked the governor to draft regulations for uranium mining anyway.

When the House of Delegates sent the Virginia Senate a bill with minor changes to House District boundaries, Sen. Watkins introduced, and his fellow Republican senators quickly passed, a substitute that drew new boundaries for the entire State Senate. He would have had no need to represent those precincts where he fared poorly in 2011. Obviously unconstitutional, this attempt to give his party an unjust advantage died at the hands of a merciful House Speaker.

On both uranium and district boundaries, Sen. Watkins has shown a disregard for the democratic process. We need a state senator who will represent all the people and who will pursue new opportunities for all Virginians. I would be honored if you chose me to be your next state senator and will serve you well.

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