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I was born and raised in Petersburg and I have roots in the Richmond area that date from the eighteenth century. I have enjoyed exploring all aspects of our city and region, from its great rail heritage and potential to its fascinating and unique history. As someone who pays close attention to all the places I have been I can truly say the Richmond region is the best place to live.

After graduating from Petersburg High School in '68 I went to Washington and Lee University for 2 ½ years. A few years later I bought a tract of land in West Virginia, on the Virginia border. Self-sufficient living off the land was my goal and I raised hogs, cows, and chickens, shot a few deer, heated with wood, and tried to grow a wide variety of crops.

I became involved with my local community, supporting  the local library and rescue squad, helping to get state funding for a new library and becoming the first to be certified as an EMT on the rescue squad. I also completed a degree in International Studies at  American University.

I started plumbing in 1985 and moved to Blacksburg the following year. While there, I took further opportunities for volunteer service. I was on the board and acted in an outdoor drama about the New River frontier. At my church I performed numerous plumbing jobs, including remodeling an old building to become a ministry and residence for VT students. I was active in a foreign mission to Sudan in 1995, and then hosted the man now head of the Episcopal Church of Sudan in my home in 1996. I also served on Montgomery County Schools Career and Technical Education Advisory Council.

 I enjoyed plumbing from the beginning and in 1992 started my own business, focusing on service and repair plumbing. My particular small business experience directly relates to organizing a legislative office that listens closely to the views and insights of all constituents. Returning every call, keeping appointments, listening and learning, honorably fulfilling every obligation and working carefully with consideration for customers, employees, and suppliers are distinguishing characteristics of my business.  I appreciate that Virginia is a state where it is easy to do business, with minimal red tape and helpful government employees and I will do all I can to advance that tradition.

In this campaign I will not shy away from progressive issues. Though I was raised in a community where segregation was the norm, as an adult I have always embraced equality and civil rights for all. I am opposed to discrimination against gay and lesbian Virginians, and support their right to enter into any contractual relationship they wish, including marriage. Workers do not lose their civil liberties when they enter the workplace. It is also the right of the employer to run the business in a profitable manner so long as safety and consumer protections are honored. My own ties with Richmond's Main Street have been long and profitable. We all have a deep stake in the success of Virginia business, and no one in the Senate will be more dedicated to finding the best ways to achieve that success, and to find productive job opportunities for all Virginians who want them.

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